Amplify the Ambiance of your Bedroom

May 10, 2017

Relaxing Bedroom Ambience. PC@vaidyanama


Aim: To create something as relaxing as a spa.

Lighting + Colors + Candles + Fragrance + Music + Flowers

Ambient Lighting is called that for a reason. It creates a relaxing ambiance. It refers to not looking directly at a light source like a bulb. Concealed LED strips on the ceiling and lamp shades on either side of the bed are all you need. Have lamps with dimmers so you can adjust the lighting as needed. The lamps in the images emit a warm-orange light that mimics the glow of a bonfire. Just make sure that the bottom of the lamp shade is 20” above the table surface so that you receive enough light when you read. 38 Watts is sufficient for bedside lamps. Swivel-arm wall mounted lamps free up precious space on the nightstand and allow you to redirect light as you curl up in bed reading that unputdownable book.


The lamp further away is lined with orange paper.Notice the difference in the glow.

Shades of Blue are known to be most relaxing. Be it the midnight blue of the sky or pale teal shades of the ocean. If you live in a cold region where winter is a year-round season, go for warm yellows, pale red, apricot, peach, gold tones. All the colors of a cloudy sunset sky work great. If you have white walls,  pick warm bedding colors to add to the glow in the room when the lampshades are turned on.

Fragrant candles can be lit an hour before bedtime to simulate the caveman bonfire. Avoid citrus, peppermint fragrances in the bedroom as they are known to stimulate the mind. They belong in the study room/home office. Go for lavender, vanilla, roses and other relaxing scents. Or add them to a diffuser or linen spray or add the essence to the final rinse while washing your bedding.

Soft Music is tricky because it needs electronics but it can work as long as you Keep them away from the bed, pillow, nightstand.

Fresh flowers are the ultimate luxury. These are best placed on a dresser or side table. Just be careful to place them farther away so that you won’t topple them over with your arm in your sleep.

If you feel that all these steps did not have the desired effect, you can check the layout of your bedroom and remove all stress-triggers. 


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