My Sliver of the Sky

May 17, 2010

The cloud in drops burns its way through to my soul. My flesh is pierced with a million stars that glow from the cloud now ablaze within me.


May 17, 2010

the evolution of meis essentiallystructured degenerationbut not the propositionof dim elimination splitting into particlesanonymous and smallenough not to becomprehended anymore fading intothe bygonelayers of eventualityturning intangible dissolving intothe memory of obliviona listless strandsuspended aimless the annihilationwould bethe evolutionof me upon askedhow i’d like it to be‘with an axe, slowly’i plee

Let’s sum it up?

May 17, 2010

In parts,I gather,these dayssome lovesome artsome thoughtsome heart In partsI give it away.

Confused consumer

November 15, 2003

What are we to do? Everything that we have, is fake or faulty. Soft drinks have pesticide, Chocolate needs insecticide, wheat is defective; milk ineffective. Anything that is tested, falls short of the standards, then the matter is rested, with confused consumers… What are we to do? We go by the lab tests and kick … Continue reading “Confused consumer”

For my teachers

September 6, 2003

I wish to express to you my gratitude for providing me strength and fortitude You have kindled in me a spark that guides me through the dreary dark. My skills you have tapped and polished; my faults and drawbacks demolished. Your devotion, sincerity and patience have inspired me to achieve excellence. The virtues of respect … Continue reading “For my teachers”

Be original

August 23, 2003

In the newspaper, I saw a poem that outraged me. Titled Child or Adult, claimed to have been written by a student of Class nine. Either it had been copied, Word to word and line to line From Roald Dahl’s poem, Which I had studied as a part of my course in English in Class nine. … Continue reading “Be original”

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