I ain’t no saint

What Rumi can say in two lines, I need 26 for the same thing. It’s still worth trying.

I ain’t no saint, my love is not selfless
it needs something from you
it needs you to accept, questionless,
everything that I have to offer you:

my waking thoughts, my hopes, my dreams,
my life force, my consciousness streams
‘But why me?’ I suppose you’d like to know
I’ll be honest and tell you so:

I want to love a mere mortal
with such reckless abandon
that only for God, everyone reserves
as if, it’s something only He deserves

I want to know giving
I want to know surrender
I want to lose myself
in loves’ glorious wonder

I can keep you oblivious of this emotion,
because I need no reciprocation
just stay my muse, my inspiration,
so that I may know true devotion
not to some abstract Universal soul
but through this concept of you that I behold.

Why does everyone fall in love?
I say it’s selfish to try to be selfless.
Through you, I want to rise in love,
to a place where I’m utterly defenseless.

When the Glass Seems Half Empty

(A poem about  a shopaholic deciding to turn to spirituality for contentment.)
I have asked for the world and got it all
through nature’s contrivances mighty and small;
through my efforts, some easy, some tough
I seem to have the world with all its stuff
yet, the world is just not enough.
It seems the only way from here
is to curb material desires and aspirations
seek contentment in the act of negation
Step back, call out the manifest world’s bluff
and refill the half empty spiritual trough.

Plea for Peace

( A prayer)
Peace be mine!

Please be mine!
In hope I plea
happy is how
I’d like to be!
Let the past
Rest In Peace
I’ll make it a mighty feast
for this pain sure is a beast
Yes! I’m grateful
am on my knees,
not vicious or hateful
wiser now, so please…
Shower plentiful joy
with friends so real
that I rejoice Ahoy!
till the pain seems surreal
I’ll make some space,
I promise! I’ll erase
all stacked up negativity
to make room for positivity!
Peace.. be mine!
Please be mine!

The Now

‘live each day as if it were your last’

If time is a concept, mere
what would I have
to worry about here?

For months trickle by
of itself, unaware
until life gushes in
from everywhere

We’ll have to make do
with mere moments here
unless we feed it up
with an intensity so clear
and live each second
with passion, fully here!

Moving Along

‘A poem about successfully moving on from a Lose-Lose situation’
This dream
you left behind,
lies dormant,
in wait,
for you to partake.
Everyone lost
in this game,
yet no one
is to blame,
for it was all
on the table,
every thing
was at stake!
This dormant thing;
this seed,
into a tree, will it grow?
Or a grievous weed?
She no longer
needs to know.

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