Create a Living Room that always gets Compliments

What is the winning combination for the interior design of a living room? Find out.


Putting a good living room together should be a process. I suggest that you get one item at a time, live with it for a few days and then get the next item. Here are three ways to get your living room just right.

Functionality + Style + Contrasts

1. Set Clear Expectations

Would you go to a formal wedding event in your pajamas? I HOPE NOT. The aesthetics of a living room are the equivalent of dressing up for a formal event in a gown, just the right accessories, makeup and high heels. A living room is a public space, like the reception lobby of your office building. The best version of your home.

A family room is a private space meant for extended family members and the closest of friends. The aesthetics of a family room are like wearing a onesie, soft pajamas, and fuzzy slippers.

There is something to be said for those who don’t want to have that distinction between a just-woken-up look and a formal-dressed-up look. Maybe even achievable with ‘athleisure’. If you can pull that off, all the power to you. But your living room is not your family room(unless you have one room for both purposes, in which case, go for the more durable materials in sleek designs for a win-win.)

2. Let your Style Shine

Contemporary, sleek, clean lines or Mid-century Modern or Traditional or Farmhouse. Each of these has different design concepts behind them and appeals to different sensibilities.  Find your style and then play around within that style to ensure that you have a well-put-together look without being a straight-from-a-catalog look.

3. Play in Contrasts. 

Layer up colors in contrast. Light on dark on light. e.g. Dark floor. Light rug. Dark couch. Light cushions. Light wall. Black frame paintings.

Play with alternate textures. If you are going for a monochromatic, monotonal look, play in textures. Wooden floor, Sisal rug with faux fur on top, marble table with a wooden tray with a glass decorative accent.

Finally, set clear aesthetic expectations, then go for your style and then play within that style and you’ll create a living room that will wow your guests the minute they walk in. This will help you create a living room that looks cohesive and playful at the same time.  That is the winning combination that never fails to get compliments.

Contemporary Style Interiors

Trendsetter? Up to date? Live in the moment? This is for you.


Origin: The style that is being produced right now and is ever changing is contemporary style. It takes on an identity in hindsight.

Architectural Match: Contemporary flat roof houses, modern homes.

Look and Feel: fresh, hard to match to previous style eras.

Picture this: It is characterized by open floor plans, high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows with bright and airy interiors. The focus right now is on the juxtaposition of furniture with clean lines with pieces with unique free flowing forms. Think of a transparent acrylic coffee table, next to a comfortable yet sleek couch next to a bright orange accent chair in a room with accent walls and metallic decor items.

Colors: Subtle neutral colors are commonly used. The focus is on natural organic materials like linen, leather, stone, jute, and bamboo.

Patterns: Large scale cropped prints, abstract geometric prints, crystals, palm leaf motif, tribal geometric prints, watercolor florals faux animal print rugs.

Is it for you?  If you like new, functional, clean items in a variety of materials then this current style is for you.

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