Bedroom Design for a Couple

What to do when a couple has completely opposite design DNA?
Pink roses on a duvet cover in a golden vase or a blue-grey duvet with a leather headboard?


Decorating the master bedroom can be especially challenging if both partners have a different Design DNA. When one partner has a more feminine aesthetic and the other one likes masculine styles, reaching a middle ground is difficult.

I am wary of using the labels masculine and feminine since we are headed to a more gender fluid society in the future. This post assumes that anyone can prefer one style over the other, regardless of their gender identity. If you have suggestions for alternate words to express the concepts of masculine and feminine, please let me know in the comments below.

Here FEMININE refers to – Lighter colors, pastels, lace, ruffles, pom-pom fringes, sheers, netted sheers, gold trims, floral prints, animal prints, calligraphy.

Feminine elements – flowers, gold accents used in small measure.


Here MASCULINE refers to- dark colors, blues, greys, geometric prints, clean lines, rustic unfinished surfaces, iron, stainless steel, dark metals, stuffed animal heads.

Do you find common ground?

Or do you let one style win? “Let me have roses on the duvet cover in the bedroom and you can have the leather recliner in the family room.”

Depends on the dynamics of the couple. Here is one example where the balanced look worked out to the satisfaction of the couple.

Blue tones, dark wood balance out the slightly feminine paisley printed duvet.


If you and your partner are in the design tug of war and would like a referee, I am here for you. I will make sure that the ultimate winner is your bedroom. Let’s talk.

Glamorous Style Interiors

Romantic at heart? This is for you.


Origin: This style is all about a sense of modern luxury. It is about imagining what a Hollywood movie star’s home looks like.

Architectural Match: Victorian homes, New traditional homes are perfect as the style is about ornamentation. Country cottage styles also work.

Look and Feel: opulent, luxurious, indulgent

Picture this: Think of a bedroom with a canopy over the bed, white satin bedsheets, huge cream colored upholstered headboard, mirrored nightstands. Dark gray silk curtains, white lampshades. Bombe’ commodes(dressers with curved body and legs) Think of crystal chandeliers instead of recessed ceiling lights, mirrored furniture and faux leopard prints, vintage French artwork or posters. The goal is usually to sparkle and dazzle so materials like mirrors, glass, crystal are used with love.

Colors: White with grays, touches of black and an accent color like yellow or pink. It does not need pink or blush or dusty rose tones, but it works wonders with the soft white backdrop.

Patterns: Monotonal Damask patterns,  Eiffel Tower art prints, Chandelier prints, flamingoes, perfume bottle (Chanel No. 5), animal prints in small quantities.Toile de Jouy prints. Gilding- thin layer of ground gold(omulu) for the rich and silver or golden glittered items for the rest of us Muggles.

Is it for you? If you love love, are romantic at heart and like soft, elegant luxury this slightly feminine style is for you.  in the heart of heart you know that you’re a princess, this is for you.

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