Complementary Color Schemes

Get the color combination just right.


It is best to refer to the color-wheel to get this look just right because it depends onthe way colors are arranged on it. Complementary schemes are made with colors opposite to each other on the color wheel like Blue and Orange, Red and Green, Purple and Yellow.


Color Wheel

Color Wheel by Janet Bionda

How to get the complementary color combination just right.

  1. Go beyond the Primary Colors and combine different shades. This color wheel does a great job of understanding different shades.
  2. Balance Proportions –  Using opposite colors on the color wheel does not mean you have to use them in equal parts. In this image, blue is the main color here(70%)  and orange is added as a pop of color(30%). Christmas decor of red and green are a classic complementary color combination.complementary-color-combosThis article is a part of the color scheme series-

Color Scheme- Fully Coordinated

How to play within an all coordinated color scheme in your interiors and get it right.


A fully coordinated color scheme means all interior furnishings and decor items are of the same color.

An all-white color scheme is on trend right now and requires careful editing. But it looks elegant when done right. The Minimal and Scandinavian styles of decor apply this scheme with confidence.

When done with neutral shades like all-white, all-cream, all-beige, all gray, it can look good without looking dull. Here are three things to take care of when doing an all coordinated color scheme.

TEXTURAL INTEREST- A couch with a cotton twill slipcover, with a thick woven blanket, a faux fur throw pillow.. even when they are all in the same color, say white, will look interesting because of the difference in texture and how they feel like to the hand.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – When the eye is not distracted by different colors, it has more time to rest on the furnishings. Higher quality of each item becomes more important. It also adds a touch of elegance.

NATURAL MATERIALS – Cararra marble has become all the rage since it fits in well with an all-white color scheme and adds just enough interest without breaking the color-scheme. Warm-toned wood floors, a lush green plant, and metallic accents and a candle add an interest to an all coordinated scheme and stop it from looking pasty or chalky. These are also a good way to balance out the five elements according to Feng Shui ( wood, earth, fire, water and metal). THIs look also has the makings of what can be referred to as a MODERN ORGANIC style. More on that in another post.

This article is a part of the color scheme series-

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